Producing the weekly news

Producing the weekly news

STAN produces the weekly news in a studio at Craven House, Victoria Road, Swindon. Recording and distributing each weekly edition is essentially a team effort. All volunteers work on a rota basis which ensures a variety of voices and content are heard each week. The people heard on the recordings are supported by an equal number of backroom volunteers, without whom the organisation could not exist.

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The News

Each week, the editor prepares a selection of news items taken from the Swindon Advertiser, aiming for approximately 45 minutes of news. The news is recorded on Wednesday evenings, using a team of four newsreaders drawn from the rota.

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This section is rather like the magazine section of a newspaper. It contains individual features, often of particular local interest, plus regular features. Regular features include What's On, Sport, Thought for the week, and listeners' letters. Some features are recorded and edited in advance, some are downloaded from the internet, and then compiled together with the regular items that are recorded on Wednesday evenings.

Copying and distribution

After recording, the master memory stick is duplicated and each one checked for sound quality. The memory sticks are then placed in individual wallets which are then delivered to the post office. The postman usually delivers the memory sticks to the listeners on Fridays. Listeners then have the weekend to listen to them. They are asked to put the wallet back in the post on the following Monday, although they can keep the stick for longer than a week if they wish.

Returning memory sticks

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the post office delivers the memory stick wallets returned by listeners. Each wallet is logged onto the computer, rather like a library system. One of the team will periodically check the computer database, and contact any listener who has not received or returned a memory stick for several weeks. The memory sticks are reused each week.

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