Becoming a volunteer

Becoming a volunteer

There are a variety of interesting jobs to be done, and volunteers bring a wide range of skills to the organisation. Some volunteers are in full time employment, others are retired and the mix is useful to cover daytime and evening production sessions. It is important to us to have the right person in the right job, either in front of the microphone or behind the scenes. Reliability and commitment are essential amongst all the volunteers.

Below is a list of the main jobs. If you are interested in finding out more about them, why not visit the studios and meet the volunteers and see if you would like to be part of the team. Training is provided if needed. Contact Swindon Talking News on or telephone 01793 522511 and leave a message on the answerphone.


Whatever the job, all volunteers:
  Are able to join in with other volunteers
  Enjoy helping out
  Receive an introduction talk and appropriate training
  Make tea or coffee!


The presenter is responsible for the introduction and links between the different sections of the memory stick. A running order will be provided a couple of days before the recording session, to allow time for preparation. The presenter needs to be available one Wednesday evening a month, between approx 6 and 7.00pm.


The editor selects the news stories from the week's Swindon Advertiser, the Star, and the Link magazine. The editor:
scans the Swindon Advertiser for the previous 7 days (from the previous Thursday up to the Wednesday of recording).
  Selects enough stories to last 45 minutes
  Edits out certain words e.g. today, yesterday etc.
  Ensures incomplete court cases are concluded with 'case     continues'
  Prepares a short section to be recorded, with details of upcoming events (eg theatre, art centre etc)
  Training and any help will be provided as needed. The editor may also be one of the newsreaders.

Sound Engineer

The job of the engineer is to download any podcasts that are needed for that week and record the news and other items, ensuring good sound quality on the master digital recording. Training will be given.
The sound engineer needs to be available one Wednesday evening a month, between approx 6 and 8.30pm.


Three or four readers read the articles selected by the editor. Variety in the reader's voices adds to the interest of the listener so it is essential that the four readers are different in sound but work as a team. Newsreaders are needed between approx 6.45 and 8.30pm on Wednesday evenings on a rota basis. The readers are also responsible for copying the master memory stick for sending out to listeners. Training will be given. Readers:
  Must have a clear voice
  Must be proficient readers
  Must be at studio at 6.45pm to scan the news items for misspellings, difficult words etc.


The administrators are responsible for keeping records of listeners and keeping track of memory sticks sent out and returned. Most of the administrator's tasks are done on Wednesday evenings, and include:
  Barcode scanning of wallets
  Registering new listeners
  Dealing with letters and messages from listeners
  Keeping a record of any donations received
  Keeping records of, and announcing, listener's birthdays
  Co-ordinating all memory sticks going out

Publicity Officer

Publicity is needed to ensure people in the Swindon area know about STAN's service. The publicity officer:
  Gets the aims and objects of Swindon Talking News known in and around Swindon
  Reaches potential listeners, volunteers and benefactors
  Produces high quality information in various formats


STAN depends on donations to maintain its service to listeners. Fundraisers:
  Raises finance for Swindon Talking News
  Organise events
  Keep individual accounts for each event then submit to the treasurer


  Keeps a record of all incoming and outgoing finances
  Ensures accounts are in credit
  Invests financial assets in a safe investment and receive good return
  Makes easy arrangements to be able to pay into accounts
  Arrange to have three signatures which allows for two to sign at any time
  Attends Committee Meeting and reports financial status
  Arranges for audited accounts to be presented at the AGM


The secretary is responsible for correspondence and meetings of the organisation.
  Minutes and Agendas of Committee Meetings
  Minutes and Agendas of AGM
  Minutes and Agendas of Production Meetings
  Minutes and Agendas of Sub-Committees
  Replies to letters.


  Chairs Committee Meetings and AGM
  Organises and manage rotas
  Manages the general organisation
  Resolves any problems relating to listeners or volunteers


  Represents the Association in the absence of the Chairman
  Chairs Committee Meetings and AGM in the absence of the Chairman.

If you are interesting in any of the jobs described above, please contact the Swindon Talking Newspaper Association on or telephone 01793 522511 and leave a message and contact number on the answerphone.

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